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How is The C.A.R.S. Foundation funded?

The CARS Foundation depends on contributions from the public to keep fighting for safer cars and fair deals for car buyers. The CARS Foundation also receives important donations of time and expertise from volunteers, competitive grants, and court-ordered awards for the purpose of improving protections for vehicle buyers and owners.

The CARS Foundation is fiercely independent, and has a strict policy against accepting contributions from the auto industry or other corporate interests. The only exceptions: if the contributions are ordered and approved by a court of law, as part of the settlement of a case brought on behalf of consumers.

The CARS Foundation does not receive any government funds.

The CARS Foundation is supported by contributions from individual consumers, grants from foundations, and awards approved by a court of law. The CARS Foundation has received grants from respected pro-consumer foundations, through an open, competitive, and accountable process.

The CARS Foundation is a tax-exempt non-profit charitable organization. Contributions from consumers and others who support our mission are very welcome and essential for us to keep improving auto safety and reducing auto-related fraud and economic losses. Contributions to the CARS Foundation are fully tax-deductible, to the extent allowed by law. The CARS Foundation is incorporated under IRS Section 501(c)(3).

Contribute to The C.A.R.S. Foundation

Contributions from individual consumers who care about auto safety and economic justice for low and moderate income consumers are vital to the CARS Foundation's mission. Please send donations via check to:

The CARS Foundation
1107 9th Street, Suite 560
Sacramento, CA 95814

Thank you for your support!
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Our Mission
The CARS Foundation is dedicated
to preventing motor vehicle-related
fatalities, injuries, and economic
losses through education, outreach,
aid to victims, and related activities.

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Sign C.A.R.S.' petition: Tell CarMax to stop selling unsafe, recalled cars to consumers
Take Action
Over 97,000 people have signed
CARS' petition on
calling on CarMax to stop
selling unsafe, recalled cars.
Help us get over 100,000!

Sign CARS' petition:
Tell CarMax to stop selling unsafe,
recalled cars to consumers

ABC 20/20 investigation:
Does CarMax sell unsafe recalled cars?

Avoid buying cars with killer safety defects
Buyer beware: NEVER trust that a dealer will have the safety recall repairs performed before selling you a car that is being recalled. Dealers are so eager to make a buck, fast, they are unwilling to delay sales long enough to get the safety recall repairs done -- for FREE.

The CARS Foundation's tips on how to buy a safe, reliable used car — without having to risk going to a dealer:
Top 12 used car buying tips
12 used car buying tips that can save you thousands of dollars and help you avoid lemons and cars with killer safety defects

Did a dealer sell you an unsafe, recalled car? We want to hear your story. Contact The CARS Foundation

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